Selling a home should be easy.  But that is not always how things work out.  You may have a new home that is ready for you, or an old home you want to get rid of.  In most cases, time is of the essence. If other agents and buyer have let you down, we can step in and close the transaction fast, so you can move on with your life.


You have a definite idea what your next home will be like.  You are both responsible and coachable.  However, the traditional lenders don't have guidelines to match your situation, especially if you own your own business, just changed jobs or had an old blemish on your credit.  We can help with that...


The more cooks you have in the kitchen, the more likely the pot will boil over. Traditional real estate closing rarely go according to plan. See how we can cut weeks off the time it takes to close. So, if you want a quick, hassle-free closing with people you can trust, then simply click the button below and let's talk...

We Have A Modern Solution to an Old-Fashioned Problem

The old way of closing real estate transactions needs to change.  It takes too long.  Mistakes happen. Deadlines are missed. And, the fees are much too high.  With all the bankers, brokers, agents, attorneys and appraisers involved you can bet that something is likely to go wrong.

Having owned mortgage companies and real estate investment firms for over 17 years in 13 states, we decided to develop a modern solution to a very old problem.  We knew there was a legal way to get everything closed faster without all the hassle and expense.  We knew we could make the transaction a win for both the seller and the buyer.  For the last 5 years, we have been doing just that!!

Our methods give everyone what they want: a fair price and a fast close without any stress. You will love partnering with us...


Your Next Steps...

If you are ready to discover a smarter and faster way to close on your home, give us a call or request a meeting.  We will have a 10-minute Clarity Call to see if we are a fit.  We do move you can too.

Don't worry...we won't waste your time if we can't help you.